Wednesday, November 18, 2009

India emerges strong as an Analytics Super power

India is becoming a strong power in the area of advanced analytics, or the area of predictive modelling. See the list of around 60 -70 Analytic companies in india, and the current list is being increased day by day.
Most of the companies listed below use SAS/SPSS
And the analytic market is concentrated primarily in Bangalore and Gurgaon
Followed by Mumbai( Mostly Financial analytics),Hyderabad,Chennai and Pune.
So, if you are person liking to settle in north then Gurgaon will be your choice, If down south, Bangalore can be your primary choice.

See the comapanies below.

Advanced Analytics and Business Analytics companies in india
(Using SAS/SPSS)
Branded Analytics providers :

1. Mu-Sigma, Bangalore,2. Fractal Analytics, Gurgaon3. Inductis, Gurgaon
4. Marketics or WPP, Bangalore
5. Meritus –Mindtree, Bangalore6. Absolutdata, Newdelhi
7. Denuosource, Hyderabad8. CrossTab, Mumbai, Bangalore
9. Decision Craft, Ahmadabad10. Modelytics, Bangalore
11. Latent view analytics, Chennai
12. Dexterity, Chennai
13. Pharmarc, Bangalore
14. Manthan systems, Bangalore
15. AOL online, Bangalore

Large analytics providers:
16. Genpact, Bangalore
17. Symphony Marketing solutions, Bangalore

IT companies with a strong analytics practice:
18. Infosys, Bangalore
19. HCL –Chennai and Bangalore
20. Cognizant (Market Rx)- Chennai, Pune, Gurgaon
21. TCS, Chennai and Mumbai
22. Wipro, Kolkatta, Bangalore

MNC’s Units:
23. ZS Associates, Pune
24. Netapps, Bangalore
25. Cisco, Bangalore
26. Google, Hyderabad
27. Chainalytics, Bangalore
28. Amazon, Bangalore
29. eBay -Chennai
30. Citibank, Chennai
31. Dell Analytics, Bangalore
32. Fidelity, Bangalore
33. HP Analytics, Bangalore
34. HSBC Analytics, Bangalore
35. JP MORGAN, Mumbai
36. Amex, Gurgaon
37.Standard Chartered Bank, Chennai
38. IBM, Bangalore
39. Accenture, Gurgaon, Bangalore
40. UBS, Hyderabad (Acquired by Cognizant)
40. Microsoft, Bangalore

Global Analytics and Consultancies firms having Indian Operations:
41.Fair Isaac India,Bangalore
42.Dun & Bradstreet, Chennai
43.Global Analytics Inc., Chennai
44. Dunhummby, Gurgaon
45. General mills, Mumbai
46. Acnielsen, Mumbai
47. Milwardbrown, Chennai
48. Novartis, Hyderabad
49. Deloitee, Hyderabad
50. HLL, Bangalore
51. Mckinsey, Gurgaon
52. Boston consulting, Mumbai

Indian Banks with Analytics operations
53. ICICI, Mumbai
54. HDFC, Mumbai

Mobile Service provider with Analytics Operations
55. Vodafone Telecommunications, Chennai, Mumbai
56. Nokia Networks, Gurgaon
57. Airtel, Gurgaon

Indian companies with Advanced web analytics (Behavioural Targeting using SPSS/Unica Affinium/R)
59. (Consim info pvt ltd.), Chennai
60.) (Info edge group), Chennai
61.) Timesofindia (Online Newspaper), Mumbai

Firms involved with Quantitative research Techniques
62.) Irevena, Chennai
63.) Amba Research, Bangalore

Indian Retail stores within house Analytics operations
64. Shopperstop
65. Reliance retail.

Hope the list continues.



  1. --- Try out this :-)

  2. It is a wonderful blog. I am really surprised at the exhaustive list of companies you provided.

    You can add 'geomeme' to your list. It is a small US based analytics company now operating in hyderabad & US. It is started by two MIT MBA students. I was working for that company during 2006-2008.

    I am not writing this to promote that company. Just thought I can contribute something to your wonderful work.

  3. Ravi,
    Thanks for the info.I need some guidance for taking up a career in business analytics.I am working as a tech architect in java/j2ee with one premier IT company, so how should i proceed ahead in the line of there any good training institutes in and around bangalore?Looking for your honest response.


  4. Really great information for web analytics companies in India !!

  5. You Can Add Icon clinical Research, Kin ship technologies, GVK Bio, Lister Clinical Research, BIO Con,Microthraps,under Biostatistics Banner..,

  6. Thankyou buddy this was a great help

  7. "Analytics is just a dog's job". Guys I know this a rude statement but I got similar replies from some people currently working in this sector. I am an aspiring Management consultant but due to lack of proper experience would like to start of as an analyst first. Please explain the exact nature of work.

    Is analyst just involved in conducting data analysis and submitting reports and dosent participate in andy client interaction roles ?

    Also some of them replied that these companies are just like glorified call centers where you do all the back office work and offer support services to frontline managers and consultants.

    Please calrify these issues


  8. Thanks Amit for that link. And Ravi that's a great list of Analytical resources you are putting together. Look at us and if you feel appropriate , do add us also on that list.

  9. Hi Ravi,

    I was looking for some information on analytics businesses in India when I chanced upon your blog. I want to understand the Indian Analytics Industry a little better. You seem to have a lot of knowledge in this domain and I am a little lost. It would be great if you could guide me to some sources/reports/ insights that would help .

    Can you give me your contact?


  10. Hi Ravi,

    I wanted to thank you, your list helped me a great deal.. I got a new job offer today and had it not been for your blog, I never would have known about the company. Thanks!

    Kshitiz Manav

  11. Hi Ravi, Thanks for the list.. I have work in SAP BI for 3 years and currently pursuing MBA in IT from Singapore. I plan to settle in Bangalore as my Fiancé is working here. This list will surely help me in hunting for jobs after my MBA.

  12. But no co is hiring fresher. After 11 yrs of teaching and training exp I underwent SAS programming training, to use my economics knowledge. But till now coldn't find an analyst job. Any way thanks for the info.

  13. THanks so much,, this info really help.. if you could keep updating this it would be gr8.

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